VEX350 / VEX360

We have optimised the air ducts to reduce energy consumption associated with air transport.
Click on the icons to view examples of winter and summer operation, de-icing and cold recovery.

Wintertime Operation

  • Wintertime operation with heat recovery.
  • Extract air enters at the top and is led vertically down through the counter flow heat exchanger with any condensed water.
  • The outdoor air enters from the bottom and runs up through the exchanger – i.e. a counter flow.

Summertime Operation

  • Summertime operation without heat/cold recovery.
  • Both the outdoor and the extract air run around the heat exchanger via the bypass.
  • This internal pressure loss is reduced and the system uses less power for the ventilators and reduces the SFP value.


  • Ice-dectection occurs via monitoring of pressure loss across the heat exchanger.
  • In the case of extract air with low humidity, e.g. from an office, the temperature can fall below 0 °C without ice forming.
  • De-icing only begins when there is ice! So no waste of energy due to unnecessary de-icing.

Cold recovery

  • In the summer time, if cold recovery is selected via the EXact control system, both air streams will be fed through the heaat exchanger.